Not sure what I’m doing on WordPress the week before my finals, just thought it was a good relief from Austen, Blake and my good friend Dickens. Haha, if my words get a bit unnecessary, and my expressions border on exaggeration, please forgive me. I blame “the excessive number of citations I’ve been trying to string together” (Andy Yee, “Simplicity”, WordPress, web, 2015,).

Anyway, away from the endless list of essays and readings to complete by next week, I just feel an innate happiness. No, not because I love Literature, nor is it because I’m finally seeing the end of this semester, but I’m just… simply happy! I’m simply happy that I can be happy simply! *see what I did there?*

Basically, I’m just genuinely happy to live a life of simplicity. Call it an ideology, call it a state of mind, whatever it is, simplicity in life has been a constant goal throughout by past few years of Uni life.

Note though, that simplicity to me is not defined by the lack of thought, or the naivety of the mind. It is not living a life of enforced poverty, nor is it about constantly bowing my head in humble submission. To me, being simple is about walking out of my home every morning enjoying the life I’ve been blessed to live. It’s about walking down my street, happy that I have the opportunity to do the things I do. It’s being grateful to the people who have given their time to build and grow me to this point of my life. It’s about smiling at the sunrise; kicking puddles in the rain; wondering how the sky is blue; dreaming about the future; celebrating the wonders of life. I could go on, but boy, life can be so simple.

Yes, problems always pop their head around corners. Yes, life might not be a bed of roses. Yes, the world sometimes shocks me in the severity of harm society manages to inflict on themselves. Yes, people can disappoint, hurt, anger and stir negative emotions in me time to time. But what brings me back to ground, is being simple.

I was just reading my Pastor’s blog recently. In one of his posts, Pastor Tan Seow How spoke about simplicity, and how it’s something we risk losing in our generation:

“Singapore is a place where we know the price of everything but the value of nothing.
We know the price of a house but not the value of a home.
We know the price of dinner but not the value of fellowship.
Our children know the price of an iPhone but not the value of communication.”

Sadly, I belong to this generation. Unknowingly, we are losing the very things that make us human. Nowadays, we have the ability to do so much more with our lives. We accelerate and advance with every technological breakthrough (or Apple announcement). Life has become so much easier. Yet, I sometimes wonder whether in all these, have we overlooked the simple lessons that make us who we are?

I saw a boy in the park yesterday, breaking small pieces of bread and feeding the fishes in the pond. With every leap of the fish, he squealed in excitement. His mother then brought him in his baby pram to the nearby flower bush. The boy, barely able to stand on his own, propped himself forward on his pram and tried to grab some of the colourful flowers from the bush. Every time his tiny fingers brushed against the flowers, he would react with the same squeal of uncontainable delight. I found myself smiling as I watched such a simple expression of joy.

Hahaha friends, when was the last time you stopped to feed some fishes or pick some flowers?

There is a simplicity in life that we need to have. A simplicity in thought, a simplicity in seeing things, no matter how loud the voices around you are. Life will always require us to make some form of choice in our hearts. How we see life can be determined by how simple we choose to be. We all know that we should always judge a man by his character. Yet, so many of us find ourselves viewing people around us by what we’ve heard about them, or by previous bias inserted into our minds. There is always a tinted lense – we ourselves choose whether we see life through our own simple perspectives.

Case in point: The article by my pastor also addressed questions on the Prosperity Teaching (you can read the full article here – “My Answer to Prosperity Theology”) , a hot topic amongst people my age these days. There has been many views and opinions thrown around about this issue. Everyone has an opinion. But I urge you, in the middle of all these opinions, choose to look at issues like these from the angle of simplicity. I encourage you to read the article, there are some very clear thoughts and some very simple perspectives to be considered. At the end of it all friends, be simple.


Thought that the only way to end this post would be some simple jokes! Laughing is a simple pleasure!


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.45.45 am.png















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